Maker Education

Welcome to the MCS Maker Space online resource! Here we have a wide variety of resources to inform and ignite our entire school community. Our goal is to help build understanding of the student benefits of Maker Education. When it comes to the future of our budding innovators, the possibilities are limitless!

“He is the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 146:6

The purpose of our Maker Education program is twofold.

First, we encourage students to discover their passions and interests by giving them time to explore all of the available resources. Students have the opportunity to try out opportunities including robotics, coding, engineering, sewing, building, designing, and STEM activities. We want our students to understand that they are all Makers and that God has blessed each one of them with different talents and interests. Through all of this exploration, students are also practicing the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Second, at MCS we are teaching our students the Design Thinking Process in which they learn to design and create something with the needs of another person as the focus. The steps in this process are Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test. To empathize, students learn to take on another person’s perspective and to see life through that person’s eyes and experiences. Our students have been practicing how to interview someone and to take notes on an empathy map in order to fully understand that person’s perspective. After empathizing, students define one needs statement based on everything that they learned about that person. Next, they ideate several possible ways to meet that need. We encourage students that the sky is the limit, and that they can be as creative as possible when ideating. Students then select one idea to prototype and test. This past year, students in all grade levels had the opportunity to practice the Design Thinking Process in grade-level appropriate ways. We practice the process through games, challenges, and true prototyping. Feedback from students has been extremely positive as they have stated that they enjoy making something for someone else, especially when they get to see that person’s reaction.

Our Maker Education program directly aligns with our mission as a school. Our goal is for students to eventually be able to identify needs of others and to use their skills and interests that have been honed in the Makerspace in order to meet that need. As a school, we encourage our students to be Difference Makers in all of their communities. Through the combination of focusing on the needs of others, learning specific skills, and identifying their passions, our students of all ages know that they truly can make a difference.