Black vs. Teal Competition


For over 20 years, Mariners Christian School has participated in the tradition of the Black vs. Teal competition. Starting in 5th grade, students are divided into two teams, either Black or Teal. Once they are designated a color, that will remain their color throughout their years at MCS. Team colors are also connected to family! If an older sibling or cousin attended MCS and was put onto a team, all future family members will be that designated color.

There are two major events for Black vs Teal, Fall Kick off and Turkey Bowl, along with weekly PE competitions. The idea of the competition is to promote school spirit and friendly competition. Scoring is based on three criteria always: 1) Attitude/Sportsmanship, 2) Participation and 3) Result of the game. At the end of the year, points are tabulated and a winner is determined. The winning team is recognized at the end of the year assembly as well as identified on the Black vs. Teal Banner as that year’s winner which hangs proudly in the gym.

This unique and special competition was initiated by MCS’s first Middle School Principal Bill Jones and continues to this day. Students LOVE the competitions, take real pride in their color, and learn many valuable lessons of teamwork, competition, winning and losing with grace and humility.