The athletic program at Mariners Christian School (MCS) is an extension of the academic and physical education programs. Its purpose is to help develop the physical, emotional, spiritual and scholastic advancement of the student athlete. Our goal is to help students Honor God first and foremost, remembering the skills and talents we hold are gifts from Him. Teams represent MCS in age appropriate competitive leagues, including CALOC (Christian


Athletic League of Orange County) and CAL (Coastal Athletic League).

Participation on an athletic team is a PRIVILEGE for those students who have the desire, interest, motivation and skills and meet academic eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics and to prepare students for high school athletics. Students in 6th-8th grade are eligible to participate in the Athletic Program at MCS.

Winter 2019 Athletic Game Schedule

Boys 6th Black Basketball Winter 2019

Boys 6th Teal Basketball Winter 2019

Boys 7th Basketball Winter 2019

Boys 8th Basketball Winter 2019

Girls 6th Black Volleyball Winter 2019

Girls 6th Teal Volleyball Winter 2019

Girls 7th Volleyball Winter 2019

Girls 8th Volleyball Winter 2019

Mariners Athletic Forms

Questions, please contact Mac Thompson, MCS Athletic Director, at or at (714) 437-1700 ext. 187.


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