Bright Future + Annual Fund

100% For his bright future


This year, we need your help with BOTH our Bright Future Campaign and our critical 2018 Annual Fund. With our school community’s unified 100% participation, Phase Two construction is possible for Summer 2019!

Please consider a 1-2 year meaningful pledge to Bright Future and a donation to our Annual Fund to ensure the highest caliber of academic and spiritual programming this year.

To ensure that your wonderful gifts are designated to the appropriate funds, please complete two separate transactions. The MCS staff is sincerely appreciative of your generous support of “100% for HIS Bright Future” — a unique opportunity to be a part of God’s lasting Legacy at MCS!

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good deeds and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

Your Family’s Generous Pledge or Gift Could Provide…

While donations are not restricted to the needs listed below, they are concrete examples of how your support can help transform the Bright Future of MCS. Annual Fund gifts will continue to support our essential operating needs.

$100 One locker in our new expanded Middle School

$250 One piece of modular furniture for our new upstairs Maker Space

$500 Accent foliage for new outdoor courtyards or Atriums

$1,000 Installation of one modern/fire-rated classroom door

$2,500 Full implementation of one high end camera for new state-of-the-art security system

$5,000 Seating in one of our two new natural-light-filled Atriums

$10,000 Integrate Next Gen technology into a new classroom to engage our 21st Century learners

$15K Provide one ADA approved Teacher restroom

$25K High-quality carpeting for a set of 5 classrooms

$40K Completely furnish a classroom with modern flexible seating

$50K Transform an entire classroom into a modern “Classroom of the Future!”

$100K Fund one of our three advanced new STEM science labs

$250K Create an Interior Middle School Commons area

$500K “Natural Light” classroom windows and new Atriums

Why does MCS need our support for both Bright Future and Annual Fund? What’ the Difference?

    • Q: What do I need to know about MCS Annual Fund 2018?

      Annual Fund runs Oct-Dec 2018:

      • MCS’s most important yearly Advancement effort
      • Provides critical funding to bridge the 5% gap between tuition and the actual cost of an MCS education
      • Ensures the highest caliber of student programming in all areas
      • Helps keep tuition affordable for as many Christian families as possible
      • Participation is the goal – in 2017 we reached an all-time high of 83% family participation
      • Strong participation speaks volumes to our Foundation partners when they consider a grant to MCS – our 2017 participation was a key factor in receiving $5.5MM in capital grant funds!
      • Every gift matters – God uses it all to make a direct and immediate impact on the MCS student experience and raise up Difference Makers for HIS glory!

    • Q: What do I need to know about Bright Future Campaign Phase 2?

      Bright Future (2018-2020):

      • One-time historical transformation campaign for MCS – a unique opportunity to support the legacy of raising up Difference Makers for God’s Kingdom!
      • Complete campus remodel with accompanying goals for long-term stability: Endowment and building debt reduction
      • Bright Future Phase One – fully funded with targeted construction completion by December 2018
      • MCS seeks 1-2 year meaningful pledges for Phase Two Construction, which centers around creating Classrooms of the Future in elementary and middle school, incorporating natural light throughout, and adding new innovative spaces for students including an elementary and a middle school maker spaces

  • Q: Why is Participation so essential?

    Participation is a catalyst!  When foundation donors are considering their support of MCS Bright Future, a key influencing factor is community participation.  Because our Annual Fund family participation rate rose to a historic 83% in 2017, MCS received $5.5M in Bright Future support from Foundation and community partners who sat up and took notice of the Christ-centered unity behind our mission. Every donation is important, and God leverages each one to accomplish HIS vision at MCS!

  • Q: What will Bright Future Phase Two construction include?

    All foundational work has been accomplished through Phase One construction, and now every elementary and middle school classroom will be touched by a teacher-led design process to ensure the most exceptional learning environments are built – with natural lighting incorporated into 90% of our classrooms!  New Maker and creative spaces will be featured throughout the facility to foster an innovative culture – not a single square foot of our school will be wasted:

    • All new Elementary MakerSpace
    • All new Middle School “FAB” Lab Maker Space
    • Middle School Commons Area
    • Expansion to include 8 new classrooms with 7 additional flexible learning spaces
    • Two new atriums providing abundant natural light throughout
    • Window installation in all exterior elementary and middle school classrooms
    • Transform all classroom rooms into Next-gen classrooms featuring collaborative based flexible seating
    • Improved flow of traffic throughout entire elementary and middle school hallways
    • Campus-wide state of the art security system

  • Q: I’ve heard about a Donor Wall of Legacy. What’s that?

    Our desire is that MCS students recognize the incredible legacy of generosity that has preceded them, so that they in turn will continue that virtue in their own lives.

    It is in this spirit we announce that all Bright Future donations will be honored with permanent recognition on our celebratory Wall of Legacy.

    Donors will have the option to list their name(s) and/or favorite scripture passage, creating a meaningful testimony for generations to come.

Printable Pledge Card NEW MCS Alumni Teal and Black Fund

Link to campaign video (coming soon)

For more information, please contact our Advancement Department: Barbara O’Brian or Julie Hellriegel or contact our Head of School Troy Moore. Thank you!