A Servant Leader at All Times: TODD PERKINS

Today MCS held a bittersweet “Fond Farewell” for our beloved CAO Mr. Todd Perkins, bringing together faculty, staff, families, alumni, and friends to honor his 11 years of faithful service.  In true Mr. Perkins style, the reception was packed with meaningful moments and symbols of his love for MCS, God, and our Country, including a special folding of the U.S. flag presented to him by our Boy Scouts.  To celebrate Mr. Perkins and his dedication to the families at MCS, we decided to feature him as our next #MCS30 Story.  Enjoy!

Every morning, rain or shine, MCS families can count on the smiling, welcoming face of our faithful Chief Administrative Officer Todd Perkins in carpool. During his tenure at MCS, he has served with humility, excellence, dedication, and integrity – and now we celebrate the exciting adventure God has for him as new Head of School at Yorba Linda Friends Christian School!

In 2006, Mr. Perkins came to serve on the administrative team at MCS after leading Solano Christian Academy in Fairfield, CA, and Providence Christian School in Charlotte, NC, from which he had moved his wife Julie and young boys Caleb, Ethan, and Sammy across the country. He settled his family in the mountain community of Arrowhead, and then dove wholeheartedly into his roles over the years as Director of Operations and Finance, Interim Head of School, and Chief Administrative/Financial Officer.

“I don’t think there is anyone within the MCS community – including staff, students, parents, alumni, grandparents – that does not have grateful remarks to say about Todd. It has been an honor to serve with him, and I look forward to maintaining our connection going forward and collaborating on Kingdom work as fellow Christian school administrators!” -Troy Moore, Head of School

Today we honor our esteemed colleague Todd Perkins and recognize his character and contributions to MCS for the past eleven years. Mr. Perkins, our hats go off to you!

The following poem, written by Mrs. Celek, was read at MCS’s “Fond Farewell” reception for Mr. Perkins on June 6, 2017:

The Many Hats of Todd Perkins

Ohhhhh……What can be said about our beloved man Todd?
He’s worn many hats through the years on the job!
Finances, leadership, and new learning spaces
His fingerprints are all over MCS places.

Twice in our history, he has captained our ship
And kept MCS going at a very strong clip.
He lovingly led and picked up the pieces
As Interim Head, his talent never ceases.

Golf games and luncheons, and helicopter drops
He’s a master at fundraising, making MCS tops!
Auction ideas aplenty, class baskets galore
Thousands of dollars to bring MCS more.

Budgets and line items, good stewardship order
He gave care for our land, the bricks and the mortar,
Contingency planning and sudden repairs
Heating and roofing, and awnings and chairs.

Each morning Todd welcomes our families to school
With a wave and a smile – please follow the rules.
He shows generous portions of patience and grace
Helping MCS drivers park in the right place!

Jumping stalled cars, parking buses, and city permits
He works hard to keep neighbors from our traffic fits.
Parent interviews, donor relations, and alumni, too.
There’s nary a thing this man doesn’t do!

For veterans and grandparents cherished alike,
He has brought great stories alive to our mic,
Beate, Mike, Walter, Honor, James and two Jacks,
We have travelled Google earth through history and back!

With a heart for our country, and a love of Boy Scouts
On Vets Day, our street flags each year were put out.
We have watched his sons grow, of them he’s so proud
And he even made driving the golf cart allowed!

Sweet husband to Julie, and friend to us all
He drives mountain to ocean each day – what a haul!
Devoted to God and student of His Word
He’s paying heed to a new call he’s now heard.

From Mariners to Friends he will continue to lead
We love him so dearly, and know he’ll succeed
To excite students to learn, and teachers to teach
And envision new goals that together they’ll reach.

We wish Todd the best, and over him pray
God’s blessing here at the end of his stay.
Together as family, we give God the Glory
And rejoice that Todd’s part of the MCS story!

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