Mariners Institute of the Arts Director (Visual & Performing Arts)

Start date:  August 2019 (exact date tbd)

Full time

General description: This director role is primarily responsible for developing, implementing, directing, monitoring, and promoting the visual and performing arts program at Mariners Christian School. At the direction of school administration and in alignment to school wide strategic planning and vision, the Director provides departmental organization and administrative oversight within the institute to manage and strengthen the current program and build vision for future growth and development. The director of MIA plays a central role in developing the artistic and creative potential of students and leads or supports arts and creativity programming in a number of distinct areas including:

  • Elementary General Music Program, TK-3
  • Elementary Band and Orchestra Program, 4-5
  • Elementary Art Program, K-5
  • Middle School Band, Orchestra, and Choral Program, 6-8
  • Middle School Visual and Technical Arts Program, 6-8
  • Middle School Performing Arts Program, 6-8

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Management, coordination and calendaring of events, instructional spaces, MIA offered courses, budget, and detailed records
  • Advertising, marketing, and communication of all MIA related events and opportunities in coordination with MCS communications team
  • Supervising MIA faculty and staff with direct oversight of instruction, curriculum, and implementation of program objectives while performing departmental administrative functions to enhance productivity and effectiveness to ensure desired outcomes, as established by school administration, are achieved
  • Developing, promoting, and expanding the visual and performing arts programs for the purpose of improving the quality of student outcomes, opportunities for student development in all areas of the arts, and course offerings
  • Collaborating with a variety of internal and external sources for the purpose of developing curriculum and courses, implementing and maintaining programs, and serving as a liaison and resource for the purpose of meeting the values and goals set forth by the MCS Strategic Vision and Plan
  • Researching a wide variety of topics (new visual and performing arts programs, grant availability, professional development, etc) for the purpose of developing new programs that grow MIA and meet staff training needs
  • Managing the theater facility, Center for Worship and Performing Arts, including use of space (by internal and external entities), audio visual support for all events (providing AV support as well), stage management, ticketing and seating, stage and set design, lighting, and maintenance
  • Teaching and leading specific courses within the MIA program based upon unique experience and ability
  • Pursuing and leading potential community service opportunities, extracurricular offerings, and MIA camps and workshops
  • Providing oversight and support to the director of elementary and middle school plays and musicals

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Willingness to work in a collaborative environment
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, verbally and in writing
  • Possess a positive attitude, flexible approach, and teachable spirit
  • Demonstrate an understanding of biblical worldview integration in the content area
  • Commitment to life-long learning, innovative teaching practice, and professional development
  • Commitment to MCS core values including Exemplary Academics, Spiritual Formation, Whole Child Development, and Connected Community
  • Attend all school related events
  • Attend variety of meetings and planning sessions as directed by school administration
  • Fulfill all additional responsibilities as assigned by school administration

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with emphasis in Visual and/or Performing Arts
  • Personal, educational, and/or vocational experience and participation in VPA
  • Experience in supervision or management
  • Strong administrative and organizational skills including understanding of budget management
  • Experience with elementary/middle school students

 Non-discriminatory policy:

It is and shall be the policy and practice of Mariners Christian School in the hiring of employees that the school will not discriminate on the basis of the applicants’ race, age, genetic information, color, gender, nationality, or ethnic origin. We do reserve the right to screen applicants on the basis of religious preference.

Each employee of Mariners Christian School must:

  • Acceptance of Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior and evidence of a personal relationship with Him
  • Maintain a lifestyle consistent with the moral standards stated in the Mariners Christian School contract and the Declaration of Moral Integrity.
  • Be in agreement with and sign the MCS Statement of Faith.
  • Have criminal history clearance expressly for MCS. (Fingerprinting to be arranged at hiring.)

Application instructions:

Please send the following items (Word doc or PDF) to Dianne McVay at

1. Current Resume

2. Letters of recommendation (2)

3. Brief summary of Christian experience (e.g. testimony, church affiliation, and ministry involvement.)  Email format is fine.

Note: Expressing interest in this position and submitting requested items does not guarantee an invitation to interview.