January Difference Maker Chapels

We were honored to welcome special guest speaker, Jennifer Friend of Project Hope Alliance, to our Elementary and Middle School Difference Maker Chapels on Monday, January 22, 2018. Jennifer shared stories from her childhood about how people blessed her (and her family) in tangible ways which made a huge difference in her life. In the midst of financial scarcity and experiencing homelessness, she felt cared for and SEEN. She challenged our students to have eyes to see the people around them and to look for ways to make a difference in their lives. Students also heard this very powerful message: “God used the sad parts of my childhood for me to serve others now.” Jennifer shared that she has been called to lead Project Hope Alliance and her mission is to end the cycle of homelessness for children here in Orange County. The work that they are doing is changing lives!

Jennifer introduced “214” – a model of the motel room that her family lived in (4 kids, 2 adults). She highlighted some things for the students to pay attention to as they walked through 214. (It is called “214” because it is 214 square feet of space.) Every student got to travel through 214 with their homeroom class over the course of the week. We hope that they came home with questions, stories, thoughts, and prayers bubbling up after that experience.

We want to share the 214 Resource Guide we put together for our teachers and families to use in conjunction with 214. It provides questions you may want to discuss and some opportunities to go deeper as a family.

If you were not able to attend the chapels, we hope you will enjoy these videos (please note, camera work was done by student volunteers):


This video from Project Hope Alliance was shared during the middle school chapel.

During the week of January 29th MCS will launch the 2018 Difference Maker Grant Applications for 4th-8th grade students.

We have had many students and parents ask how they can get plugged in to help with the work Project Hope Alliance is doing. Kaitlyn Ramsey is the volunteer Coordinator for Project Hope Alliance, Kaitlyn@projecthopealliance.org

 For more details, click here. Contact Ali Bray at abray@marinerscs.org if you have questions.

Look for more information about our Difference Maker program as well as previous Difference Maker Chapels coming soon.

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