Fine Arts Spotlight – Color Theory

Tuesday May 16, 2017
Fine Arts SpotlightMCS Student Spotlight

The objective of the lesson was to review the basics of the color theory and to create secondary colors using the three primary colors; red, blue, and yellow. The students also included a tint (The color mixed with white) and a shade of each color. They also included a shade of each color’s opposite or […]

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Fine Arts Spotlight – Watercolor Landscape

The objective of this lesson was for students to be introduced to a variety of watercolor technique: wet-on-wet, salt, dry brush, graded wash, color bleed, etc. and then were challenged to create textures using some of these techniques.

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Fine Arts Spotlight – Meet Our 6th Graders!

Tuesday May 2, 2017

In this art lesson we had the the chance to express our unique interests and creative talent. We created a “personality spiral” using our own choice of colors and design within the segments of a spiral. Even though each spiral had the same shape and size it is amazing to see how different they are […]

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Fine Arts Spotlight – Drawing Club

Today we were given new insight on the middle school art club by the 7th grade teacher, Mr. Sebastian. These are his answers.  What are your plans for art club?        To help students discover their passion for art, illustration, digital art, comic books, manga, super heroes and even Disney art.  My hope […]

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Fine Arts Spotlight: Hand Built Looms

Tuesday April 18, 2017

The objective of this lesson was to create a hand-built weaving loom. We built our looms from clay, glazed, and fired them in the kiln to add another creative element to our art. We then created the “Warp” and then used a variety of yarns to weave the “Weft” strings.

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Fine Arts – Mixed Media

Tuesday March 28, 2017

Spotlight on Mixed Media Art Featuring work by by Jack, Lauren, Maddie and Sophie For this art project, we practiced still life drawing.  We chose our point of view, drew the object and then added our own interpretation the the work drawing upon our own artistic styles. We had to determine the placement of the […]

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Fine Arts Spotlight: Value

Tuesday March 21, 2017

In art class students learned about value, as demonstrated by the projects below.  The goal of the project is to work on detecting areas of light and dark in an image or on an object.  We made these pieces of art by first ‘posterizing’ an image of ourselves, then choosing one color, and adding black […]

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Fine Arts Spotlight: Picasso Sculptures

Tuesday March 14, 2017

Picasso Sculpture Objective 7th/8th Grade ART The objective of the lesson was to revisit the life and work of one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century, Pablo Picasso. He is known for co-founding the Cubist movement (with Georges Braque), the invention of  constructed sculpture, the co-invention of collage and for […]

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Fine Arts Spotlight: Anna

Wednesday March 8, 2017

Congratulations to 8th grader, Anna! Anna’s art, “Candy”(painted in 7th grade art), was not only selected to hang in the Orange County Dept. of Ed’s “1,000 Pieces of Art” exhibit at South Coast Plaza (May 5th-22nd, 2016), BUT, was also chosen to hang in the Laguna Beach Festival of the Arts Junior Exhibit!!! Her art […]

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