Poetry Spotlight: 8th Grade Frankenstein Poems!

Tuesday May 30, 2017
Creative WritingMCS Student Spotlight

Edward Field is an American poet born in 1924. As part of his work, Edward Field wrote several poems based off of the novel, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly. In the spirit of Edward Field, these poems, written by 8th graders, are based upon a movie, TV show, or book of their choosing. Please enjoy these […]

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What’s in a Meme?

Wednesday May 24, 2017

What makes a good meme? There are many different kinds of memes: light and sweet, ironic, cringey, dark, or dank. Some memes touch sensitive, controversial topics, and some can brighten up your day with a piano-playing cat or a hilarious joke.   If you think of something funny and want to make it into a […]

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The Mission by Connor O

Tuesday May 9, 2017

Mrs. Shelton’s Creative Writing class was given an opportunity to hear from writer Jeff Willis who came and spoke to our class a couple weeks ago. Not only is he a published screenwriter and an employee of Marvel Studios, but he’s also the husband of our beloved Mrs. Willis! We were able to pick his […]

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Meme of the Month

Tuesday April 25, 2017

We all know that middle school students have a unique sense of humor and perspective on life.  It makes the days in middle school fun, and funny! Memes are just one of the ways middle school students express their humor.  Here are the first memes in our Meme of the Month spotlight.   If you […]

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Resident Poet: Katie

Chains Physical chains A heavy pain To the person who Is sad Invisible chains An inside pain To the hurt And the wounded The chains constrict The chains contain They hold one there To receive pain Pain Chains The only way to break free Is to let go  

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What’s Up MCS! – Spotlight on National Poetry Month

Tuesday April 18, 2017

It is April! That means it is National Poetry month! All throughout MCS, poetry is being read, analyzed, and written in our classes. 8th grade has a ‘March Madness in April’ poetry ‘tournament’, 7th grade is creating poetry on balloons, 6th grade will write odes to color. April is an awesome, fun, creative month! Please […]

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Creative Writing Spotlight: “We Do NOT Have A Dinosaur”

Tuesday April 4, 2017

Recently, students in the creative writing class responded to the picture prompt “We Do Not Have A Dinosaur.” Here is a sample of their creative work! By Katie T “Mommy, I want a dinosaur.” My son walked into the kitchen. “You WHAT?!?” “A dinosaur. Plain and simple.” I was very firm about the children’s fantasy […]

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Creative Writing Spotlight: Friendly Foods

Tuesday March 28, 2017

Nathan played with his food, but not the way most kids did. He didn’t have many friends, so he would make friends with his foods and play with them. Literally.  They danced, sang, and played cards together.  Nathan named the butter Benny, the cabbage Carey, and the broccoli’s name was Rob.  He became so close […]

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Poetry Corner: The Missing K by Katie

Tuesday March 14, 2017

National Poetry Month was started by the Academy of American Poets in 1996. Over the decades, it’s become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s importance in our culture.   Katie started writing poetry last year. She enjoys it and encourages everyone to try it out. […]

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The Forest by: Robbie L.

Tuesday March 7, 2017

The Forest I was the firstborn of a family of bears living off the other side of the great forest, undiscovered by anything other than the wildlife that inhabited it. We lived in the southeast corner of it, farthest from any human touch. It was almost summer, and the sun grazed the fur of my […]

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