2019-2020 Calendar

Our 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 calendars are designed by the Principals and Faculty to specifically accommodate the Phase II construction activity during the summer of 2020. The plan is to move back to our regular vacation durations thereafter. We appreciate your understanding as we’re trying to create as large a window as possible for a Phase II construction project in summer 2020. If your family has already booked vacations based on our typical school year, please work closely with your teachers to make plans for make-up class work, tests, etc.

Please note that by shaving off a few days from our typical holidays, we maintain the number of instructional days to uphold our academic standards. Additionally, we’ll be working closely with PTF to move non-instructional activities such as parties and celebrations to non-school hours and/or offsite so that our teaching time is fully-utilized.