Middle School Principal

Dear Middle School Families,

Another amazing school year is on the horizon and we are excited to welcome our students to the 2018-19 school year! A new year not only brings excitement, but brings great expectation for what God has in store. Our theme this year, HIS, comes from Psalm 24:1 which says, “The earth is HIS and everything in it. The world and all its people belong to Him.” We believe this to be true. Because it is true, we can confidently claim this year as HIS. The plans for this year are HIS. The middle school and every student, teacher, classroom, hallway, and day is HIS! Every experience, joy, challenge, triumph is HIS. The blessings and miracles we will see along the way are HIS. Because it is all HIS, we can get excited about the upcoming year and trust that He is going to astound us!

The middle school team is eagerly praying, preparing, and dreaming for the extraordinary school year ahead. As educators who take our calling to care for students seriously, we are determined to provide an education built upon exemplary academics. We are intentional about meeting the needs of all students. We are committed to nurturing a Christ-honoring environment in which our students thrive. We are prayerfully devoted to the spiritual formation and development of our students so that they grow in their understanding of who God is and who they are because they are HIS. And, we are committed to building a strong community where we strengthen positive relationships, experience life, and have fun together! Across all areas, we want our students to grow as they are challenged, inspired, and engaged.

With a dedicated and stellar team in place, we are ready to continue making great strides toward our strategic goals in providing exemplary academics, whole child development, and a Christ-honoring environment. Specific areas of focus within these goals include:

  • Exemplary Academics: This year’s primary academic initiative will continue the focus on intellectual and academic rigor as we further develop students as Scholars of the Disciplines. Within this initiative, each content area will dive deeper into specific habits and practices within each discipline to shape students into writers, scientists, mathematicians, historians, and theologians. This exciting initiative extends beyond teaching content, skills, and comprehension to cultivate critical thinking, engage students in scholarly thought and discussion, and provide meaning and significance of content knowledge through real-world exploration, connections, and applications.
  • Spiritual Formation: Encourage the growth of authentic faith, personal relationship, and Biblical understanding to strengthen faith ownership and develop students who are Kingdom minded, Kingdom leaders, and Kingdom changers.
  • Connected Community: Strengthen and continually grow a vibrant, healthy, comprehensive student life program in which all individuals are positive contributors and actively engaged. Foster an environment in which students are included, belong, develop relationships, and find life and joy as part of the middle school community.
  • Culture of Innovation: Provide multiple avenues for discovery, creativity, invention, innovation, and problem solve. Provide relevant, real world learning experiences both in and outside the classroom.
  • Individualized Learning: Approach each student as a unique learner and provide learning opportunities and courses tailored to abilities, strengths, needs, and interests so that each student can reach their full potential and flourish.
    There is much to look forward to as we partner with you and, together, experience and see all God will do during HIS year, in HIS school, in and with HIS people!


Heather Harrison
Middle School Principal