Middle School Principal

The middle school at MCS is committed to providing a firm foundation through Christ-centered education. This is accomplished through a holistic educational program dedicated to the pursuit of excellence across every area including spiritual formation, exemplary academics, enrichments and extracurricular activities, and a Christ honoring environment. The middle school staff seeks to maintain the highest of standards with intentional focus on understanding and meeting the needs of the whole child. Across all areas, we are committed to providing opportunities for our students to be challenged, inspired, and engaged.

We also desire that our students will love learning, feel safe taking responsible risks, embrace opportunities to be creative and innovative, be connected in community, and find great joy in coming to school each day (or being a student at MCS).

Spiritual Formation – The middle school staff is committed to the spiritual formation and development of our students. One of our greatest desires is that every student will grow in their understanding of who God is and in confidence in who they are as His unique sons and daughters. Every staff member seeks to approach the spiritual development of our students with great intentionality in order to foster the growth of authentic, owned faith and a deep love for Christ. This intentionality is rooted through discipleship, Bible program, biblical worldview and integration across all subject areas, chapel program, and service opportunities.

Exemplary Academics – The middle school staff is committed to providing an educational program that actively engages and empowers students in their own learning. Academic priorities are aimed at achieving content mastery while promoting the highest levels of critical thinking and problem solving, inquiry based learning, and real world application. The rigor and challenge in each content area seeks to appropriately challenge students while meeting individual needs. Literacy and technical skills are embedded throughout instruction in an effort to equip students as digital age learners. Through an exemplary academic program, students are well prepared for the rigor of high school advanced courses.

Enrichments and Extracurricular Activities – The middle school staff is committed to providing opportunities tailored to student preference, interests, talents, and innate curiosity. The robust enrichment and extracurricular program includes electives, student life activities, lunch time and after school clubs, and an exciting athletic program. The intent of providing these opportunities is to nurture the social, emotional, and physical development of our students while promoting community and connection.  

Christ Honoring Environment – The middle school staff is committed to fostering a Christ honoring environment in which every individual positively contributes and answers the call to honor God and each other in word and deed. We understand that a positive culture and environment is paramount during this unique, developmental stage in the lives of each of our students. For this reason, every staff member is committed to ensuring student safety (in all areas), providing an inclusive environment, and building community. We desire for our students to thrive, connect, and display a genuine care for each other as they follow Christ’s example to love God and love one another.

The middle school staff is a team of amazing educators who love God, love middle school students, and love teaching! Each staff member exemplifies a deep commitment to providing a holistic educational program aimed at meeting the needs of the whole child. The distinctiveness of the MCS middle school program is due to the dedicated group of educators who are passionate about fulfilling their calling to teach and the amazing young men and women that God has placed in our care!

Heather Harrison

Middle School Principal