Elementary Principal

Welcome to the Elementary Instructional Program at Mariners Christian School! It our mission to ensure our fullest commitment to provide a firm foundation through Christ-centered education. Our team of professionals is committed to excellence in four distinct areas: Spiritual Formation, Academic Excellence, Whole-Child Development, and a Christ-Honoring Environment. The elementary team strives to provide a culture of innovation through exemplary academics while fostering a deep love for Christ.

Through highly engaging learning experiences, students are challenged to think creatively, use problem-solving processes, and make connections to their learning in meaningful ways. Our goal is to nurture the creative confidence in all students while instilling a passion for learning in their hearts.

  • Spiritual Formation: MCS offers a strong cohesive developmentally appropriate Bible curriculum focused on apologetics and geared towards equipping young students to apply their faith while building godly character. By fostering a love for Christ, students will grow in their faith through exposure to teaching from a biblical worldview across all subject areas.
  • Academic Excellence: Rigorous and engaging learning experiences are created with the individual learner in mind. Through highly effective instructional practices geared towards meeting individual needs, students will be challenged to take an active role in their learning. Our desire is to build student engagement and promote high level critical thinking skills while providing opportunities for students to explore interests and passions through learning. Students will also explore and engage in learning experiences that involve and integrate technology as 21st century citizens to enhance learning and digital literacy.
  • Whole-Child Development: The elementary team provides educational programs, enrichment opportunities, and extracurricular activities that are whole child focused to meet the individual needs of students spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Art, Music, Technology, Spanish, Media Exploration, and Physical Education are offered weekly to spark students’ interest and curiosity. Leadership and mentorship experiences in the elementary program such as ASB and reading partnerships provide students with experiences to practice and build strong leadership skills.
  • Christ-Honoring Environment: The elementary faculty is committed to fostering a Christ honoring environment geared towards modeling God’s love and faithfulness. Our goal is to mentor each child in a loving and nurturing environment while teaching students how to serve and honor Christ. MCS is fully committed to growing a school culture and environment that promotes community, safety, and spiritual growth through service and leadership opportunities.

The elementary faculty is privileged to partner with parents in meeting our objective to build a firm foundation through Christ-centered education. It is our belief that every child had unique gifts and talents and our goal is to help students develop into confident and passionate learners who love Christ.

Reggie Biancalani

Elementary Principal