MCS Vision 2020

9-1-2017:  Please be sure to view our Vision 2020 Progress Report which highlights key advancements within Spiritual Formation, Academic Excellence, Whole Child Development, and our Christ-centered Community over the past 18 months. Enjoy reading up on all that has been accomplished, feel free to ask questions, and please do join us in prayer as we continue to “move forward” on MCS’s strategic plan for the benefit of all of our students!

Click Here Vision 2020 Progress Report


Building upon a solid strategic foundation and history, Vision 2020 is the culmination of 3 years of top educational research, leadership discussions, faculty conversations, vision casting, and prayer. Vision 2020 identifies four key areas for MCS to bring into focus over the next 4 years (Spiritual Formation, Academic Excellence, Whole Child Development, and Christ-honoring Community), with a 5th underpinning in stewardship. Click above for Vision 2020 webflow.

Click Here for MCS Vision 2020