Zeke Choi

Encouraging Students to Pursue Their Passion

“I always knew I’d become a surfer because my Dad and Grandpa were. In fact, my Grandpa made me my first surfboard, and he still surfs today.”

At 8 years old, now MCS middle school student Zeke Choi was already in the water pursuing his newfound passion: surfing. He instantly fell in love with the ocean, jumping with both feet into the surfing lifestyle.

Zeke is now a member of the North American West Coast Hurley Youth Surf Team. According to Senior Vice President of Hurley Surf Marketing and former pro surfer Pat O’Connell, Zeke competes at the national level with the NSSA and WSA, and he receives training and guidance from Hurley personnel and elite coaches.

For Zeke, there is nothing quite like being in the water every day. “Even during recess, I’ve got my eyes on the weather, checking to see if it might be a good day to surf. Every time I’m out on the ocean, it’s a new opportunity to see God’s power alive in His creation and to be grateful for all He has given me.”

Zeke loves being an MCS student because he feels that he’s supported in a community where kids are encouraged to never let fear hold them back. “At MCS, we feel the freedom to be who God made us to be. When we’re in chapel together, we are a community worshipping Jesus, and we’re not afraid of what others think. This actually helps me when I’m surfing in a competition, because I think – hey, if my friends can overcome their nerves at school, then I can be fearless, too.”

Zeke knows that his MCS community is rallying behind him. “I love the fellowship I have at school. My friends are always supportive of what I do, and my teachers, too – they really cheer me on. I think one of the biggest things I’ve learned from my teachers and my family is to care more about God’s opinion than man’s opinion.” His perspective is that kids today worry too much about what others think – instead of what God thinks.

Zeke does dream of becoming a pro surfer someday, but he holds that dream loosely. “I know not to set it in stone in my mind.” At his young age, Zeke understands that God might have other plans … and those plans are always best.