The Darrows

A Ministry-minded family doing life in MCS’s Connected Community

Brian Darrow had his plan firmly in mind: jump back into the business world, transition his ministry role to a volunteer capacity, and enjoy a season with his family worshipping in a larger church. All systems go!

And yet … that still small voice began catching his attention with dozens of direct confirmations that, in fact, God wanted the Darrows to launch a ministry in Newport Beach. From providing all the right worship leaders, administrators, youth pastors, advisory board members, financial backing – there was no mistaking His call.

“I was in final negotiations for a business venture with a long-time college friend. He runs a successful company in Irvine and always wanted to work with me. So I entered the final meeting ready to finalize salary, equity, and benefits for his new division. Now, I had not shared with him any of the ministry ‘nudges’ that were taking place. In our meeting, he looked uncomfortable. He then proceeded to tell me that he and his wife had been praying and felt the Lord telling them, “Brian can’t proceed with this venture because he needs to start a church!”

That was the final affirmation Brian needed, and from there the launch of the W Church in Newport began to take off. Brian is the lead pastor at the W, and he welcomes a number of MCS families under his teaching each week.

The Darrows are a legacy family with bonds that run deep within the MCS community. They attest to the fact that, as a ‘Christian school for Christian families,’ MCS is a perfect complement to their spiritual focus as parents.

“We recognize that MCS, grounded with loving and godly teachers and staff, is helping our children grow in their own relationships with Jesus and equipping them to bring Jesus to the world. Our kids are growing up in a largely ‘anti-God’ culture, and we believe our kids will benefit greatly from a solid Christian education during their formative years.”

Now, our entire connected school community will benefit from Brian’s ministry-focus as he steps into his new role as an MCS Board member! As the Darrows continue building relationships with MCS friends through their 3rd grader Jedediah, as well as watching their older students Levi and Hannah blossom as young leaders in high school, they are thankful for the community and the preparation MCS has nurtured in their family.