Andrew Buda

MCS Student Cellist Andrew Buda – Arts Education with a “Whole Child” Focus

“In the future, I hope to study music at Julliard, maybe one day play at Carnegie Hall.” That’s a big dream for a 12 year old! But Andrew Buda likes to dream big, and he’s completely thrilled to have found his passion: the cello. “Being a part of the Middle School orchestra is the best part of my day. Dr. Um is awesome. He encourages and challenges us to be the very best musicians we can be.”

Andrew’s interest in the cello was piqued in 3rd grade, inspired by older sister Annie who was involved in the MCS elementary orchestra. As he began experiencing the program for himself, an excitement began to awaken for his newfound passion.

“Whenever I play the cello, I feel very relaxed, like I’m in another world. It makes my day refreshed whenever I have music class!”

Through his involvement in the Elementary Orchestra, Andrew discovered his true love for the cello as well as his ability to be a leader. The MCS 4th and 5th grade band and orchestra program is a supportive community for students to “test” their potential interest in instrumental music. Once he transitioned into Middle School Orchestra in 6th grade, Andrew’s experience began moving to a deeper level. Orchestra Director Dr. Um leverages his remarkable professional background and high level training (including The Julliard School), challenging students with more rigorous training, more advanced songs, helping them soar to new heights in their musicality.

“Dr. Um is really good at knowing how to push us to grow at the same time as being encouraging. We keep getting better and better.” “Being a part of the orchestra has helped me so much. I can’t explain it, but I am actually doing better academically since I have been playing. I feel like it’s affecting my brain in a good way. Also spiritually, I find fulfillment by reflecting God in my music. I feel happy that he gave me this gift, to glorify Him.”

An MCS education is one that truly addresses the shaping of the “whole child,” giving students myriad opportunities to find their passion and test out new potential interests. God has given each one their own special gifts and abilities – some shine on the stage like Andrew, and some are behind the scenes or out on the athletic field – but all giftings are unique and deserve to be challenged and fostered.

Andrew can hardly wait to play his cello on the stage in our future Center for Worship and Performing Arts – it’s a Bright Future at MCS!