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Students in TK, kindergarten and first grade attend general music classes once each week. The curriculum includes music literacy (music symbols, note recognition, rhythm patterns), music appreciation (composers and their works, musical styles and genre), rhythm instruments (to develop coordination and creativity), and vocal training (posture, breathing, diction, choreography, performing individually and in groups). Choral performances for kindergarten and first grade have been scheduled for Thursday, March 30th (TK and Kindergarten Concert) and Tuesday, March 28th (First Grade Concert).  Both concerts will be held in the MCS Auditorium from 8:30 – 9:30 AM.

Students in second and third grade also attend general music classes once each week. The second and third grade curriculum includes music literacy, music appreciation, instrumental activities (rhythm instruments for second grade and xylophones for third grade), with additional training in choreography and vocal performance techniques. The curriculum also includes singing scripture songs and hymns, patriotic music and various seasonal songs. The second and third grade choral program this year will be the Christmas Choral Concert, which will be held on Thursday, December 8th, in the MCS Auditorium at 6:30 PM. Parents, relatives, and friends are invited to attend!

The fourth and fifth grade music program is a two-year program, in which students may choose from General Music, String Orchestra or Band. General Music includes instruction in recorders, handbells, choir and other musical activities at the discretion of the director. Grade 4 and 5 General Music Students will have opportunities for vocal performances at chapels and special events throughout the year. In the spring they will participate in the combined Handbell and Recorder Concert to be held on Thursday, May 25th. ELEMENTARY STRING ORCHESTRA & BAND for 4th and 5th grade students are offered for beginning and intermediate skill levels. All classes include instruction in music literacy and appreciation, as well as performance opportunities during the year. The Band and Orchestra concert dates are December 15th at 6:30 PM and May 25th also at 6:30 PM.

Mariners Christian School offers an exciting and unique program that starts in 5th grade and continues into middle school known as the Technical Arts. This course offers 5th grade students an opportunity to learn the foundation of sound engineering, graphic design, lighting design, videography and internet web streaming while connecting it with God’s Word.  Students have opportunities to train and develop skills in these areas and use their knowledge and training in support of our school chapels and special events such as Elementary Chapels, Elementary Talent Show and Grandparents Day. Elementary Tech Arts currently meets three days per week during lunch.

The theme for the MCS Visual Art Program this year is “Your Life Is a Work Of Art”. It is our belief at MCS that each child is made in God’s image, and therefore, has a seed of creativity within them. The intent of the art program is to not only foster the growth of this creativity, but to explore the conversation that our very lives are a work of art with our students. Our art program will instill confidence through age appropriate projects that encourage self-expression, self-direction, multiple outcomes, and risk taking. An appreciation for the arts is fostered both in their own work and that of others so they can recognize that their creativity is a gift. Students become visually literate through learning an artistic vernacular that includes the elements of art. Various artists and styles will be discussed and new techniques explored so that students are comfortable in a variety of media. Students will discover the joy and wonder of creative expression, as well as to fully embrace the process and not just the product. Visual Art is offered to elementary students in grades K-5.


6TH GRADE BAND OR ORCHESTRA (for students who have studied an instrument for 1-2 years). Students are instructed in music theory, rhythmic counting, development of excellent tone and technique and we explore a wide variety of literature from various musical time periods and start developing confidence in using their musical talents to glorify God.

COMBINED 7TH/8TH GRADE BAND OR ORCHESTRA (for students who have studied a musical instrument for 3+ years). Band and Orchestra students are instructed in advanced musical techniques as well as preparing students to use their gifts in a worship setting and to contribute to their development as mature, able, and responsible Christians to the praise and glory of God. Instrumental concerts are scheduled for Thursday, December 15th, and June 1st (a special collaborative event known as “Faith Through Art”). MS Band and Orchestra will also be performing at the ACSI Music Festival on Thursday, April 27th, 2017 at Calvary Church in Santa Ana.

THE MIDDLE SCHOOL MUSICAL is an after school program for auditioned members and requires a commitment for rehearsals Monday through Thursday from Mid-March through May 20th. Performances this year will be held May 18th, 19th and 20th. Middle school students interested in information regarding the musical may sign-up with Mrs. Lynelle Harding. Auditions will be held January 31st, 2017. The announcement of the musical chosen for this year will be made October 31st.

The 7th/8th GRADE WORSHIP ELECTIVE offers students the ability to identify the framework of worship as set forth in the Old and New Testaments and apply the principles to contemporary worship. Students will synthesize the elements of worship preserved in the various traditions of the past with today’s contemporary worship, understand the foundations of their own worship styles while applying the biblical mandates in a modern society, and create their own personal philosophy and theology of worship with scriptural underpinnings. Goals will be met through practical application. Students use their musical gifts (vocal and instrumental) to practice worship song charts in preparation for Monday morning chapel services at MCS. Students will develop their musical talents and gifts for worship as well as developing leadership skills. Leadership practice is emphasized through the worship elective course as students are given the opportunity to lead their teachers and peers in praise and worship. The worship elective is a great opportunity for students to learn the many facets of being a part of a leadership/worship team. The Worship Elective currently includes vocalists, acoustic and electric guitar/bass, drums and keyboard but all instrumentalists are welcome.

MIDDLE SCHOOL TECHNICAL ARTS elective classes are offered in three stages:

Technical Arts I: Creative Engineering and Design
Students paint, build, design and woodwork. They will gain a basic understanding of sound, lighting, graphic and videography design.

Technical Arts II: Film Scoring
Students learn how to create a short story on film.  They learn how to script write and storyboard.  They create a budget and learn how to write, direct, and produce a short story to film with the integration of music.

Technical Arts III: Leadership
Students learn to lead others in the Technical Arts and develop a deep devotional life with Christ.  Students in Technical Arts III will be leading their own chapel teams, and have the opportunity to interview for the Technical Crew for the spring musical along with other special events throughout the year.  Students have the opportunity to visit Disneyland Resort for a 3-hour workshop, visit Segerstrom Concert Hall, and visit with special speakers that range from executive producers, directors, technical directors, trainers, and pastors who speak with the Technical Arts students.


6th Grade Art offers an understanding of the various forms, approaches and purposes of art through a curriculum designed around art history. Observational drawings will be a focus as students are ready to fully incorporate the elements of art and the principles of design. Students will create a journal of their exploration of art history and why we create, allowing them to practice the knowledge they have attained over their elementary years.

7th and 8th Grade Art Electives: Students will experiment with various types of media while creating original works of art. Electives are ever changing in order to provide new experiences for some, and an opportunity for a more in-depth study for others. Students will be led to process the concept of “living their lives as works of art”.


The 6th Grade Theater Arts Elective provides a great way for students to dip their feet into the world of drama! Students will learn the basics of theater arts including stage directions, basic terminology and the importance of voice and body through the use of engaging lessons and interactive games and practice. This course offers an understanding and practice of character development in order to better individual skills while becoming a character in a scene. Students demonstrate these skills at the end of the course through improvisation of scenes and performing monologues that represent a culmination of what the students have developed over the semester.

MIA Staff 2016-2017                                        

String Orchestras/Mariners Institute for the Arts Director – Mrs. Lynelle Harding
Elementary General Music Teacher – Mrs. Victoria Boler
Band and Worship – Mr. Chris Lucas
Drama- Ms. Amy Green and Ms. Brandi Becker and
Musical Theatre – Ms. Katelyn Spurgin
Technical Arts – Mr. Pax Pulido
Visual Arts – Mrs. Juliet Sanita