Knowing Our Brand

by Barbara O’Brian, Director of Advancement

What are Core Values?
This year we are focused on embedding common language around our (5) five MCS Core Values: Love for Christ, Exemplary Academics, Whole Child Focus, Connected Community and Culture of Innovation. We will intentionally integrate each of these values into all of our programs; from the classroom to sports events, chapels, service projects, campus speakers, communications and development efforts, so they have naturally become part of our MCS cultural experience.

So what are core values? And why are they important – especially now?
As we are faced with the conflict of an increasingly secular society, our school finds itself a fortress against this uncertainty because we are centered in Christ, our rock and foundation. In order to make sure that we continue to lean on His Word for wisdom, grace and peace, we have developed indicators for these values that guide our focus for academics, spirituality and programs. Core values support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what the school values. They are the essence of Mariners Christian School’s identity – the principles, beliefs and philosophy of who we are, why we exist, what we stand for and strive to accomplish. Core values help us make intentional decisions every day at MCS.

Understanding our core values will help us internalize how we are unique and remarkable compared to other private schools. Our values will be shared with the greater community in which we live through stories about our students, families and staff. These stories help to differentiate us while building brand equity. Our values define the WHY? of the MCS brand. (Why do you send your children here? Why should someone consider our school for their children? Why MCS over another choice?) These values communicate to parents, students and prospective families what is important to us as educators, administrators and parents. Our core values influence our behavior as we live them out each day for all to see. They serve to inspire us and also inspire others. Core values contribute to the overall success of our school organization and they shape our culture from the playground to the classroom to the dinner table to our communities.

Do you know our Core Values?
One of our big goals for the 2017-18 school year is to ensure that all of our parents, teachers and staff know and understand the core values that drive our culture and school mission on a daily basis. In the following weeks before Thanksgiving, I will be taking us through the MCS 5 Core Values, sharing one per week.

Let’s Start with Core Value #1 – LOVE FOR CHRIST

As a core value, how do we demonstrate, teach and integrate Christ’s Love at MCS?
Our value statement tells us what that looks like — Encourage students to love God’s Word, grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, understand how to defend their faith, and inspire them to become difference-makers for His kingdom. LOVE FOR CHRIST is poured into our students in every area of their day; academically, spiritually, and socially – Christ is at our core. As Bev Barkley, alumni parent, shares in our MCS 30|30 Video, “every day is started in prayer.”

How do we integrate LOVE FOR CHRIST in the school environment? And in our parent community?

  • Focus on Apologetics
  • Foster Growth of Tender Hearts and Tough Minds
  • Emphasize Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Train and Practice Spiritual Disciplines
  • Develop Spiritual Leadership
  • Integrate Biblical Worldview across all Content
  • Engage Community Connector speakers and invest in our parents’ spiritual development
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Let’ hear a New Story that shares MCS’s LOVE FOR CHRIST together now.  Our  30|30 series MCS  Stories share the values that define our culture and our students’ way of thinking about the world that carries them through the rest of their lives.

If you want to dive deeper into illustrations of how LOVE FOR CHRIST is being played out, read our Vision 20/20 Progress Report to see how we are living our values.