Salute to Veterans 2017

MCS welcomed over 150 Grandparents, Veterans, and Alumni to our 16th annual Veterans Day Salute and breakfast. MCS students were inspired by this year’s special guest speakers Addie and Greg Zinone (pictured middle), founders of Joint Forces Initiative (JFI). We were blessed to present Addie and Greg with a check for Joint Forces Initiative in the amount of $1,830 from the proceeds of this week’s pancake breakfast, plus an additional $3,500 as a contribution in honor of the Ben Friedman Leadership Award! To learn more about how JFI serves Veterans, please view the program below or visit their website at: Addie Zinone served in the U.S. Army Reserve from 2002-2016.
Our Red, White, and Blue breakfast was a wonderful setting to honor veteran guests with self-introductions, including a special individual hosted by MCS Dad Dwight Hanson: Lauren Bruner (pictured middle row right), a WWII Veteran who survived the attack on USS Arizona.
A Big THANK YOU to our awesome PTF Volunteers (pictured above) for hosting a lovely breakfast reception – we appreciate you!
For more details about the morning, view the program at this link and view the event via our livestream feed at this link: View the photo gallery at this link.