2017-2018 Schedule of Fees

New Student Application Fee
(non-refundable):  $75

Annual Registration/Re-Enrollment Fee (non-refundable):
TK              $180
K-8th          $500

Activity Fee (fee amount published during the summer of 2017)
The student activity fee includes cost for yearbook, emergency provisions, classroom activities, MCS events, T-shirt, miscellaneous materials, and grade-level field trips. The cost for overnight field trips in fourth, sixth, and eighth grade will be collected separately from this fee by MCS or the field trip tour company.

Family Facility Fee (non-refundable):  $1,800
Families who are enrolling their children for the first time in TK-8th Grade will be assessed a one-time facility fee of $1,800 per  family.  There is a prorated fee for Middle School grades. This fee is used for ongoing maintenance of the building and grounds and is due during the first year at MCS.  Arrangements may be made to pay the fee in installments.

2017-2018 ANNUAL Tuition

Transitional Kindergarten: $8,090
Kindergarten-5th Grades: $9,790
6th-8th Grades: $10,630

Tuition Payment: All tuition payments are made through FACTS Management.  Tuition may be paid in full on July 5th or by installment plan with payment withdrawn the 5th or 20th day of each month beginning in July and continuing through June.

Tuition Refund Policy:  If a student withdraws after July 1, a minimum of two payments (July and August) is due and payable.  Beginning September 1, the payer is responsible for monthly tuition payments up through the end of the semester in which the student is withdrawn.

Incidental Fees:  Incidental Fees will be collected through FACTS Management.  This includes:  Student Activity Fee, Athletics, Performing Arts, Family Fee, Tech Fee, and other fees.

Before School Morning Care Fee • TK-Care Program Fee • After School Program Fee

Before School Morning Care for TK – 8th Grades (7:00 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.): $3 flat fee
TK-Care Program for TK (12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.): $12 flat fee
After School Program for TK – 8th Grade (2:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.): $6 per hour

Invoicing and payments are handled through FACTS Incidental Billing


2017-2018 Schedule of Fees
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