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Encouraging Students to Pursue Their Passion: Zeke Choi

“I always knew I’d become a surfer because my Dad and Grandpa were. In fact, my Grandpa made me my first surfboard, and he still surfs today.” At 8 years old, MCS middle school student Zeke Choi was already in the water pursuing his newfound passion: surfing. He instantly fell in love with the ocean, […]

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Alumni: Asher Segelken

Making. Creating. Storytelling. Discovering their unique God-given talents. This is what we hope to inspire within the hearts of our students! Enjoy our next #MCS30 story featuring MCS Alumni Asher Segelken, currently a sophomore at Belmont University in Tennessee – a great example of a graduate who has found his passion! We invite YOU to […]

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Fall Kick-Off Middle School Chapel Message

Enjoy Mrs. Harrison’s message at the fall kick off chapel…the recipe for joy: follow His path, live aware of His presence, stick close to Him and He will fill you with the fullness of His joy and give you his pleasures forever!

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